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I’m a single mom to an eight year old, homeschooling and working full time (and part of that time full time in college) since Pre-K.

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Add A Daily Doodle to Jazz it Up

Homeschooling year round is hard. I say that with a mixed bag of honesty. Our style is a little bit of this, with a little bit of that. We finished-ish Blossom & Root. We didn’t complete the Science lessons because they didn’t really time out appropriately. Learning about things blooming in winter just doesn’t work… Continue reading Add A Daily Doodle to Jazz it Up

Ice Cream Social

When my daughter was young, PreK/K timeframe, we did a lot of themed studies based on her interests. When things warmed up, we focused on all things ice cream and I’ve been waiting to share this with y’all until the summer was here. It’s so much fun, especially if you have several kids who can… Continue reading Ice Cream Social

Year 2: End of Year Testing

We survived another year of homeschooling and Grade 3 is around the corner! This year, I decided to go about things completely differently. If you read through my experience last year, I paid for someone to administer the Woodcock Johnson locally, which ran about $100. This year, I decided upon an at home, online option,… Continue reading Year 2: End of Year Testing

Learning Parts of Speech

Y’all! It’s been like 6 months since I’ve been on here. If that tells you anything about how things have been in our house…it tells you all you need to know. Lately, we’ve been on a HUGE struggle bus. Do we continue with the homeschool thing or is public school the way we need to… Continue reading Learning Parts of Speech

Johnny Appleseed & Tall Tales

For the first few weeks of Blossom & Root, we focused on Tall Tales, including Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyon, Pecos Bill, and others. For the life of me, I could not find the show on Disney that included all of these folks. I could have sworn that Disney Plus had American Legends, but I could… Continue reading Johnny Appleseed & Tall Tales


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I started on this journey back in 2017, when my daughter and I were living in Virginia. I discovered her love for learning at an early age and wanted to nurture this in whatever way I could, knowing we might be in for some road blocks ahead. Read more

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